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Explore Activities in Los Cabos: Local Hot Springs

February 19, 2016

When considering touring the Baja Peninsula, and Los Cabos in particular, most are dreaming of sandy beaches and drinks in a shady cabana which Cabo offers in abundance. The activities in Los Cabos are never-ending, with options like zip lining and camel safaris, to sunset sailing and deep sea fishing, no adventure is impossible. One lesser known attraction in Cabo that is a must do when visiting the region is a relaxing soak in one of the area’s natural hot springs. These springs are popular with tourists and locals alike so if you can plan your visit for a weekday they will likely be much less crowded. These springs are off the beaten path, yet easily accessible and do not require a 4 wheel drive vehicle or any strenuous hiking.

Benefits for Your Body

The health benefits of hot springs are many. When your body soaks in the natural minerals of these thermal waters, it increases blood circulation and oxygen flow. This boost to your circulation is healthy for your heart and other vital organs and is also beneficial for healthy cell tissue. Those with sleep issues often find the warm waters of a hot spring relax muscles and invite deeper more restful sleep. Joint and muscle pain is eased by the minerals and natural warmth of a soak in one of these pools.  The medicinal properties of this healing water softens dry skin and may help alleviate skin irritation due to psoriasis or eczema.  The stress reduction of the beauty of the natural surroundings alone is invaluable to both mental and physical health.

Hot Spots for Hot Springs

The two most popular hot springs of the Cabo san Lucas area are El Chorro and Santa Rita Hot Springs.  Easy day trips take you through picturesque mountain vistas as well as quaint villages with friendly locals and plenty of opportunities to shop for local handicrafts. El Chorro is located near the village Agua Caliente whose name hints at the inviting springs nearby. This region of the Sierra de la Laguna mountain range is a natural wonder that is a protected biosphere by the Mexican government. You can soak in the warm bubbling water while enjoying the cool spray from a waterfall that cascades from overhead. This popular spring has been converted to a spa area and is easily accessible but if you’re up for a hike there are several smaller springs in the area. Stop for a cool drink in one of the small cafes along the way and see if you can get one of the locals to divulge a lesser known, hidden treasure.
About 15 miles north of El Chorro is a village called San Jorge.  The Santa Rita hot springs is nestled in the Canyon San Jorge just above the town. This hot spring is generally a little bit less crowded as it is a little more off the beaten path but still easy to get to and the route is well marked.  From the parking area you traverse an area of smooth rocks a short distance to the pool.

If you venture to one of these springs it is important to wear sturdy shoes. The beauty of these springs is that they are in natural surroundings, which means uneven and sometimes rocky ground where flip flops or bare feet are going to invite injury.  As these springs are secluded, it is also advisable to bring your own water and some snacks to make the experience the as enjoyable as possible. Maps are readily available and may be helpful in navigating the mountain thoroughfares.

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