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Conservation Efforts Create an Oasis for Your Cabo Adventure

March 23, 2016

Did you know that there are only three living coral reefs and only one hard coral reef in North America? It’s true - and it’s right in California’s backyard on the coast of Los Cabos, Mexico. Get your trip planned starting with Cabo airport transportation to the destination of your adventure. Cabo Pulmo is the most popular diving spot in Los Cabos and it is one of the top diving destinations in the world. It is located just 60 miles north of Cabo San Lucas. There are several premier diving tours available, all of them amazing but none quite like the experience that this 20,000 year old reef delivers.

Protected Beauty in the Reef

Cabo Pulmo is a small village in the Los Cabos area. The waters of Baja had always been an abundant fishing area but after years of overfishing the reefs were dying and species were disappearing one by one. The village’s 100 or so residents decided that they could not let this tragedy happen. They lobbied tirelessly to get this area protected. Thanks to their efforts the more than 7,000 hectares of coastal water that comprises this area is now a National Marine Reserve and Park. It received protected status in 1995 and in 2005 it was declared by UNESCO as one of the World Heritage Sites. In 2008 it was also named as one of the Ramsar International Wetland sites.

Plentiful Marine Life to Behold

Today the reef is thriving once again. After 14 years of protection every species returned to the reef. It’s not unusual to see sharks, whales, turtles, rays, and scores of fish all living in harmony in this beautiful park. This is a feeding ground for many year round dwellers while others, such as the humpback whale, use it as their seasonal breeding ground. If not for this protected area, many species, such as the Gulf Grouper would be extinct.

Scientists use a term called “biomass” to measure the density of an ecosystem in any given area. It is estimated that in the first 14 years the biomass of this area increased by 463%. This is the largest biomass increase of any protected area.  Its biomass is 5 times larger than any of the surrounding waters that are not under environmental protection. Today over 6,000 marines species call this reef home.

A Welcome Destination for All Experience Levels of Diving

A dive in Cabo Pulmo is suitable for beginners and experienced divers alike. No one goes home disappointed from a dive in Cabo. Equipment rental, boat transportation, and the most experienced guides around are at your disposal when you book one of our tours. Don’t miss your opportunity to see this magnificent park. Nowhere else can you see this variety of sea life, a living reef, the Sand Falls, and even a shipwreck, all in one dive spot!

Want to come down for a visit? Let us do the legwork! We can arrange for your Cabo airport transport, all accommodations, as well as the diving experience of a lifetime. Cabo Pacific Tours offers top notch experiences with convenience and great adventures. Call us at 312-450-3131 and start planning your getaway today!