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Adventures on the Other Side of Cabo - Cabo Pacific Tours

April 13, 2016

When you think of Cabo San Lucas you’ll likely think of gentle waves lapping on white sand and world class snorkeling or diving, but there’s another side to Cabo that is just as unique and captivating. Let the professionals at Cabo Pacific Tours take you from your Cabo airport transportation out to the outback of Baja. You can go on an epic mountain bike adventure, travel by the ship of the desert, or go on a once in a lifetime camel safari.

Desert Rainfall and Biodiversity
The desert of the Baja Peninsula is actually the Sonoran Desert, which stretches all the way from Arizona south of the border into Mexico. The massive Sonoran covers roughly 100,000 square miles and because Baja was once attached to western Mexico, you will find this desert on both sides of the Sea of Cortez. It has the distinction of being the hottest North American desert and enjoys bimodal, or dual season, rainfall. As a result it has a wide array of biodiversity and is in fact the most diverse of all North American deserts. A rich variety of birds, animals, and plants call the Sonoran Desert home.

Rich History of Hummingbirds
This desert is especially well known for bird watching. Some 40% of native North American birds can be seen in this region at some point during the year. One of the most beautiful and charming of Baja’s native birds is the Costa’s Hummingbird, which thrive among the saguaro cactus. These distinctive birds have pearlescent green and blue bodies with royal purple heads. The ancient peoples of this land believed that the hummingbirds were actually the sun in disguise, trying to court a beautiful woman who was disguised as the moon. Shamans in the area once believed that they were messengers and used them to send tidings to the Great Mother who lives inside the Earth. On your journey through this magical landscape also keep a look out for Roadrunners, Gila Woodpeckers, and Phainopepla.

Wildlife is also abundant. You might see everything from kangaroo rats or bighorn sheep, to the pronghorn antelope. This region is also rife with predators such as the mountain lion, puma, and coyotes. Reptiles such as the Great Desert Tortoise and the Gila Monster also could be spotted in this area. Learn more about the Sonoran Desert and its inhabitants from the Encyclopedia of Earth.

Painted Sunset Skies

After a long day on the trail you can watch the sunset bathe the desert sands in pinks and purples as it brings a close to your amazing adventure. On the way back to town don’t forget to stop and sample some authentic Sonoran cuisine. Northern Mexico is perfect for ranching and growing wheat which greatly influences the local cuisine. Thinly rolled flour tortillas are roasted over mesquite to give them a smoky flavor. They are then topped with beef which is shredded and dried, or fish from the nearby sea. Many dishes are seasoned with fiery chiltepin chiles which grow wild throughout the desert land of Baja.

These desert excursions sell fast so call 312-450-3191 to book one today. We are in the heart of the desert blooming season when the sands of Baja burst into color. It’s a great time to visit for photo enthusiasts or anyone who wants to have a truly unique Cabo experience.