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Lover's Beach and Cabo Pacific Tours

May 11, 2016

Bathed in waters from the Pacific and the gulf of California, Lover's Beach is the jewel of Cabo San Lucas' beaches. While no one is actually sure of the exact origins of it's name, it is said that the name is due to the fact that the two seas, the Gulf of California and the Pacific Ocean, come together at this spot. It is it's own natural aquarium with innumerable species of tropical fish of different shades and sizes, sea lions, and inoffensive mantas that all peacefully share the water with you. Get your beach trip started with Cabo airport transportation, because Lover's Beach offers clear waters and diversity in aquatic life that make it the perfect spot for your underwater adventures.

The beach's name may have also come from the story of two lovers from the 18th Century, when a native girl rescued a Japanese sailor. After the rescue, the two fell in love and spent many happy days together on the beach. The girl’s father, however, opposed the relationship and in an attack of anger, killed the Japanese sailor. The girl, in grief and desperation, took her own life in order to be united in the next world with her lover. No one knows if this is actually a true story, but regardless of its name's origin, this is a must-see beach in the Cabo San Lucas area.

The beach is approximately 165 ft. of beautiful white sand and calm, clear waves. Marked by the gigantic stone known as “The Arch," as well as other rock formations, Lover’s Beach can only be accessed by sea.

Wondering what to do at Lover's Beach? This beach is secluded and does not have shops, stores, or restaurants. So if you plan to spend time here, bring water, food and your needed supplies for the entire day. Don't forget to take sunblock – and your diving and snorkeling equipment if your plans include underwater adventures.

“Divorce Beach” on the Pacific side, as the locals humorously know it, has served as a base for the practice of fly boarding. Jet ski sport is also a normal sight among the waves here, so expect to see them jumping through the waves and performing their breathtaking stunts.

Not far from Lover’s Beach, you will also find one of the most impressive natural phenomenon of the peninsula:  the underwater sand falls. Discovered in the early 1970s by the French explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the underwater sand falls offer a unique spectacle to divers that dare to enter this underwater canyon.  True rivers of sand that start at 98 feet and reach down to 394 feet, descend a slope of approximately 75 degrees. This sub-aquatic cliff of 1,312 feet, where impressive amounts of sand slide artistically toward the marine floor, has been the subject of much scientific scrutiny.

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