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Best Times to Visit Cabo San Lucas

May 25, 2016

The best times to visit the destination of your dreams vary greatly by destination. Sometimes it is dependent on the best weather conditions, other times it is dependent on when there are the least crowds. We’ve compiled a list of the best times to visit Cabo San Lucas based on your interests, and tips for booking the best Cabo San Lucas transportation, hotels, and more, based on the time of year you’re visiting!

May to June: The best time to visit

Why: A lot of people flock to warmer lands when winter hits here in the United States and around the world. People long to escape the snow and rain. Because of the influx of people during winter and Spring Break, hotel prices soar, and it becomes difficult to book any of your ideal adventures. Going between May and June means that most of the people who went to escape the cold (and the Spring Break travelers) have gone back home now that the weather is fairer again.

Weather: If you’re not a fan of hot weather, beware of visiting Cabo at this time of year. The temperature can reach anywhere between 85 and 90 degrees, though the nighttime lows tend to be in the low 60s.

Things to Do: This is the perfect time of year to sunbathe, take long sunset walks on the beach, eat at open-air restaurants, and it’s right at the beginning of the ideal swimming and snorkeling season! Cabo San Lucas is also known for its fantastic golf courses, and the late afternoons when the temperature drops slightly is the perfect time to go play. May also has great Cinco de Mayo celebrations.

July to September: An okay time to visit

Why: The hotel prices are at their lowest, and often all kinds of travel services, including hotels, are offering major discounts. The crowds are relatively small, and it’s easy to go with a group due to the low prices and availability of most services.

Weather: First off, the heat can get up into the high 90s. Second, it’s hurricane season. Though the chances of experiencing an actual hurricane are low, there are definitely going to be hot, muggy, rainy days throughout these months. Hurricane season officially ends in September.

Things to Do: These months are the beginning of the best months for fishing, and the best for snorkeling, swimming, and all the great boating tours and trips - as long as you don’t mind getting a little tropical rain on your adventures. There’s also a fantastic celebration for Mexican Independence Day in September that is worth experiencing!

October to November: A less- than- ideal  time to visit

Why: The hotel prices are starting to climb as the town prepares for the winter crowd. All kinds of services, from transportation to dining to hotels, become a little harder to reserve because of the price hike as well as the increased demand for them as the crowds begin to swell. If you want to go during these months, book at least two or three months in advance if you want reasonably-priced accommodations.

Weather: October is in the 90s range, and November is in the 80s range. The worst of the rainy season is over by this time, so you can safely experience a lot of the same benefits as you would have in July-September without the showers and humidity. It’s not ideal for people who can’t tolerate high heat, even though a lot of the activities are at their peak season.

Things to Do: This is the peak fishing season. A lot of fishing tournaments are held this time of year, and it is an amazing time to eat fresh seafood at all the local restaurants. (Tip: Check out this list of the all the best restaurants in Cabo San Lucas on TripAdvisor, ranked by customer reviews!). The fishing tournaments include the Los Cabos Billfish Tournament (October), the Bisbee’s Black and Blue Marlin Tournament (October), and the Tuna Jackpot Tournament (November). You can also check out the Baja Sur Tequila and Mariachi Festival in October and experience Dia de los Muertos in November.

December to April: Typically worst time to visit

Why: Hotel prices skyrocket, as do all attraction prices, and trips need to be booked up to six months, possibly a year, in advance in order to save money. Everything in Cabo is going at a premium price. This is due to the fact that it is peak tourist season - people fleeing from freezing temperatures and the dreaded Spring Break college students are flooding the area. It can take hours to get into a restaurant, and it may be impossible to get into many attractions if they are not booked far in advance.

Weather: For those who don’t like extreme heat, these months can actually be seen as the best time to go. Temperatures tend to range between the high 70s and low 80s as the season progresses.

Things to Do: This is the peak whale-watching season in Cabo. Tourists flock to these boat tours because the whales are extremely active this time of year. This would also be the best time of year to check out those renowned golf courses if you’re into afternoon golfing, since the temperatures are significantly lower than in May-June. You can also check out the Festival of San Jose in March, and Semana Santa in April.

Overall, this list is meant to give you an overview of the typical seasonal rankings. Still, we aimed to provide you with enough information to make an informed decision of your own. Be aware of the fluctuating crowds, prices, and availability of activities, but make your decision based on what you would most like to do! When you’ve booked your reservations, whether it’s two people or a whole group, don’t forget to arrange suitable transportation. At Cabo Pacific Tours, we do more than you might expect. We provide all kinds of transportation services, including activities transfers where we drop you off and pick you up from each of your activities. Check out our services pages and book your ideal transportation today!