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Live it up on a Party Cruise in Mexico with Cabo San Lucas Transportation

June 29, 2016

No vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is complete without spending time out on the azure waters of the Sea of Cortez. You can swim, dive, snorkel, flyboard, and whale watch, all of which are engaging activities. Sometimes it’s nice to just kick back with a cold beverage and cruise along the open ocean, taking in the local scenery while you soak up the sun and sea breeze. Let Los Cabos transportation ferry you straight to the main dock of the Administracion Portuaria Integral (API) marina, the main port of call in Cabo, from your hotel or even straight from the airport. You’ll step right onto the sailboat docked there, Pez Gato, and head out for a high seas adventure on a sunset party cruise.

Land’s End
Cabo San Lucas is full of natural beauty and famous landscapes, many of which are located in the same spot. Your cruise will take you to the southernmost tip of Baja to a place known as Land’s End. If you drew a line due south from here, you wouldn’t touch any land again until you reached the South Pole! This area is part of a major migration route for whales, although historically it’s known for being a major trade route for Spanish galleons in the 1500s. Pirates would raid these ships after lying in wait here, attacking and laying claim to the gold, spices, and other goods on the galleons.

Lover’s Beach (Playa del Amor)

The pirates hid in a particular cove, known as Lover’s Beach. Eons of wind and water have sculpted the rock into stunning twisting, flowing formations; one such feature is called Neptune’s Finger, a big rock that juts out grandly into the sea. One of the most famous beaches in Cabo, Lover’s Beach is inaccessible by foot; you could take a water taxi or rent a kayak on Médano Beach and paddle out, but it’s much easier and more entertaining to sail in on your Cabo party cruise. The beach is a hot spot for snorkeling and sunning, as it borders the Sea of Cortez. The opposite side, on the Pacific Ocean, is called Divorce Beach and is known for its rip currents and choppy surf. It’s more secluded and less populated that Lover’s Beach, but it’s too rough to swim safely in.

The Arch (El Arco)

Also located at Land’s End, El Arco is another distinctive rock formation that is visible from Lover’s Beach. At three stories tall, this natural giant arch is a popular tourist attraction and has become synonymous with Cabo San Lucas. A sea lion colony likes to gather here; they’ve become accustomed to visitors so they’re quite social and friendly. You’ll be able to observe them and the other famous local landmarks from the deck of the party boat.

Pacific Sunset
To cap your voyage, you’ll sail out into the waters of the Pacific to watch one of Cabo’s spectacular sunsets. The cruise back to the marina will undoubtedly involve dancing and drinks from the open bar, as the stars and city lights reflect off the water. Your ride will be ready and waiting at the docks to take you comfortably and safely back to your hotel.

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