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How to Plan A Group Getaway With Cabo San Lucas Transportation Services

August 24, 2016

Planning a group getaway can be incredibly stressful. After arranging everyone’s flights and figuring out how your huge group is going to get around once you land, you will have definitely earned your vacation. Luckily, there are Cabo San Lucas transportation services available to groups that will make getting to and from everything on your itinerary much easier. Here are tips for planning a group getaway with these services:

Ask for advice.
When you reserve your Cabo San Lucas transportation, be sure to ask for advice on activities you should try, local markets you should visit and authentic restaurants to enjoy after a long day in the sun. Cabo Pacific Tours will be able to give you better guidance on these subjects than anyone else, so use our knowledge to your advantage.

Arrange for a grocery shopping stop.

Besides chauffeuring you to different fun activities, Cabo San Lucas transportation will also take you directly to a local grocery store if you reserve this service ahead of time. After a long day out in Cabo, you’ll be grateful to have a few snacks to munch on once you get back to your hotel. Plus, visiting local grocery stores will help you see the different foods that are offered in this exotic location so you can absorb some of the local culture.

Reserve multiple vehicles.

Cabo San Lucas transportation services can usually fit up to twelve people in their largest vehicles. If there are less than twelve people in your group, it may be wise to reserve multiple vehicles during the day anyways. This way, you can have each vehicle scheduled to go to a different activity in Cabo San Lucas so the people in your group have more options of how to fill their time. For example, one vehicle can take your guests snorkeling or swimming with the dolphins while the other vehicle stays on shore for a fun day of ziplining.

Confirm times.
Before you get on the plane to start your exotic adventure, speak directly with a representative from the Cabos San Lucas transportation service you will be traveling with. Go over the days and times of each of your planned activities and make sure you have agreed upon what time the vehicle should pick you up from the hotel and when you should be done with your activity. It may be helpful to jot down notes during this conversation and then create an itinerary to hand out to everyone on your trip. Keeping track of everyone will be difficult once you’re having fun, so make sure everyone knows the schedule in advance.

Plan your perfect group trip with Cabo Pacific Tours! Transportation in Cabo has never been easier, more hassle-free, or as inclusive as it is with our Cabo San Lucas Transportation. Contact us now to get more information on Cabo Transportation Services and allow us to help you plan your next beach vacation. You can call us at 52 624 1426282, toll free at 312-450-3191 or email us at: