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Sail Into the Sunset with Los Cabos Transportation

September 7, 2016

There is nothing more beautiful than watching a gorgeous sunset, especially when you are on a boat in Cabos San Lucas surrounded by your friends or family. Does this sound like a dream? It can become a reality with a little help from the Los Cabos transportation company, Cabo Pacific Tours. Here are a few things you should know about the sunset sailing adventure:

Food & Drink
Once Los Cabos transportation has brought you to the charter to begin your adventure, climb aboard and make yourself right at home. Fine wine, gourmet food and a top-shelf open bar are provided to all guests on the charter. Start the evening off with a toast to each other and the incredible scenery around you. Then, dive into the delectable treats that were brought aboard just for your party!

Plan Accordingly
Be sure to plan your sailing trip ahead of time to ensure that you can reserve one of the spots. These trips are offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, and the entire trip will take about two and a half hours. However, the exact time that the boat sets sail will depend on the weather conditions, so be sure to stay in touch with your Los Cabos transportation to make sure you get there in time. If you have any guests with you who are under the age of 18, unfortunately, they will not be able to participate in the sunset sailing adventure. Be sure to plan another fun activity that these guests can enjoy while the rest of your party heads off into the sunset.

What to Bring
Check the weather forecast ahead of time and dress appropriately to stay warm during the winter months and cool during the summer months. You will be asked to remove footwear before stepping onto the boat, so don’t worry too much about whether your shoes match the rest of your outfit. Don’t forget to bring your camera! There are endless opportunities for photos on the sunset cruise, so be sure to bring a camera so you can document this incredible trip and remember it forever.

Where it Goes
Where exactly does this boat take you? The boat will first take you right alongside the shoreline towards the old lighthouse. Here, you will see an extraordinary mix of colors as the oranges and yellows of the sunset blend together with the greens and browns of the desert landscape. Then, your party will sail around the tip of the Baja, El Arco and Lover’s Beach, where you can embrace your significant other and soak up the intimacy of this unforgettable moment.

Ready to sail away into the sunset with Cabo Pacific Tours? Transportation in Cabo has never been easier, more hassle-free, or as inclusive as it is with our Los Cabos transportation. Contact us now to get more information on Cabo Transportation Services and allow us to help you plan your next beach vacation. You can call us at 52 624 1426282, toll free at 312-450-3191 or email us at: