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Los Cabos Transportation Experts Reveal Tips For Swimming With Dolphins

September 21, 2016

Planning a trip to Cabo San Lucas? It’s a guarantee you will experience new and exciting adventures while on your trip, so it’s best to prepare with a little help from the Los Cabos transportation experts. One of the most popular activities here in Cabo San Lucas is getting up close and personal with dolphins. Visitors can either stand on the sidelines and learn about dolphins, or jump right in the water and swim with them. If you plan on doing the latter, here’s what you need to know:

Listen carefully.
Dolphin trainers will be with you every step of the way if you choose to swim with these majestic creatures, so listen carefully to what they have to say. These trainers know dolphins better than anyone, so they will be able to guide you through the activity and ensure you and the dolphins are safe at all times. Don’t be afraid to ask questions as they pop up, either. Trainers are used to tourists being curious about dolphins and nervous about swimming with them, so they definitely will expect your questions.

Only wear a swimsuit.

Your Los Cabos transportation service may remind you to remove all jewelry, hats or electronic devices before swimming with the dolphins. Why? Dolphins have very sensitive skin, so if you wear anything besides a swimsuit, you are putting them at risk of being scratched or injured by these items. You should also try to avoid wearing perfumes, body lotions or any other kind of chemicals that could irritate their skin. If you’re unsure of whether you should take something off or not, don’t hesitate to ask the dolphin trainer.

Stay calm.
Dolphins aren’t usually aggressive towards humans, so if you hear your trainer telling you to stay calm, that’s not because you’re about to be attacked. Dolphins are very intuitive, so they can sense how you are feeling while you’re nearby. If you’re calm, they will feel more comfortable getting close to you, so you will have a better experience overall. But, if you panic, they may swim away and be wary of returning. Learn more about how dolphins perceive the world.

Mimic them.
Humans and dolphins swim quite differently, and dolphins may be scared away if you start to splash around and move your arms in a circular, swimming motion. If you do need to travel through the water, mimic how they swim. Keep your arms down and close to your body, relying on your legs to power you through the water. This will make them feel more comfortable in your presence so you will have a better experience on your adventure.

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